Vienna, 1683.

After months of laying siege to the city, Kara Mustafa, Grand Vizier of the Ottoman Empire, is still struggling to find a way to finally take it – in a civilised manner, of course. Meanwhile, Austrian village girl Katrina Obermann is no less ambitious as she starts her new life of slavery; Selim the scribe has had it up to here with the Vizier and his idiotic ideas; Franz the Viennese baker’s surreptitious assault on the Ottoman camp is taking shape – literally; and foot-soldier Murad, son of Murad, is hungover, and not in the mood for any final assault bullshit at all.

The Gates of Vienna is a story where there probably shouldn’t be one. It makes history readable, telling different aspects of the story at the same time in an innovative and just-enough engaging way.
The Gates of Vienna is available now on the Bastion app.

The Gates of Vienna is available now on the Bastion app.


Kemal Ataturk

President of The Republic of Turkey 1923 – 1938

“Best damn thing I’ve ever read.”

Leopold I

Holy Roman Emperor 1658 – 1705

“Spot on.”

Henry Rollins

Writer, singer, angry man

“I wish I wrote this.”