Vienna, 1683.

After months of laying siege to the city, Kara Mustafa, Grand Vizier of the Ottoman Empire, is still struggling to find a way to finally take it – in a civilised manner, of course. Meanwhile, Austrian village girl Katrina Obermann is no less ambitious as she starts her new life of slavery; Selim the scribe has had it up to here with the Vizier and his idiotic ideas; Franz the Viennese baker’s surreptitious assault on the Ottoman camp is taking shape – literally; and foot-soldier Murad, son of Murad, is hungover, and not in the mood for any final assault bullshit at all.

The Gates of Vienna is a story where there probably shouldn’t be one. It makes history readable, telling different aspects of the story at the same time in an innovative and just-enough engaging way.
The Gates of Vienna is available now on the  Bastion app .

The Gates of Vienna is available now on the Bastion app.


Kemal Ataturk

President of The Republic of Turkey 1923 – 1938

“Best damn thing I’ve ever read.”

Leopold I

Holy Roman Emperor 1658 – 1705

“Spot on.”

Henry Rollins

Writer, singer, angry man

“I wish I wrote this.”