I’ve always been really interested in the Habsburg and Ottoman empires, and where they collided, which just so happens to be where my family is from. It also just so happens that the Siege of Vienna’s final battle falls on my birthday. Here I am, over 25000 words and innumerable design hours in, and still counting.

The Gates of Vienna is also about designing a new way of reading fiction and novels for today’s mobile-aided (and addled) lives. Novels were created at a time when people read very differently from how they do today: reading novels and more involved works of fiction shouldn’t have to require sitting for hours, in need of continuous attention. And that’s where this app comes in.

Linear progression is out, and it’s up to the reader to choose whether to read about the character, time or place instead. The author no longer insists: the reader decides. And all in simple, bite-sized chunks.